Friday, 5 July 2013

Approaches to Planning Film/Video Production

Thursday 4th July 2013: Session 1 "Approaches to Planning Film/Video Production" Ian Marshall (Northallerton College/OCR)

This short blog showcases the outcomes of a practical session aimed at teachers of Media Studies. The objectives were to give the participants the opportunity to:
  • explore creative ways of producing and presenting planning materials
  • experience the process from a student’s perspective
  • share good practice with colleagues
  • learn new skills in IT
Delegates worked in small groups and were given a different group brief, to produce a:
  1. Recce report – using either Flikr or Photobucket
  2. Pitch for a new film with photos/images/text/voice – using Prezi
  3. 3d Storyboard – using jelly babies, plasticine, card, scissors and Slideshare, Empressr or Storyboardthat
  4. Set of character/casting profiles – using Voicethread with discussion, images, text, audio
All images were made using delegates' smartphones except for the storyboard which was produced using a DSLR.

The following posts show what can be achieved in just over an hour.

3d Storyboard


Pitch For a New Film

Recce Report

Click - the slideshow > button for the full effect.

It is possible to create a slideshow from a set of photos and embed this into Blogger. Unfortunately we ran out of time.